About CCC


If you dream to fly then meet us to add wings.

Through our curriculum and teaching system, we help our students to achieve their dreams.

Among all industries, the aviation industry is the only industry in which the rapid growth can be seen. In the next decade, India may still need 200+ new aircraft and more than 300+ airports. With this, the hospitality and travel industry will also have good and large demand for quality personnel with the hope of high growth rate in the country. We are well-known in the aviation industry and have been active for ten years and have provided employment to more than 3000+ students in the aviation sector.

Our curriculum and the teaching system are quite different from other aviation institutes that help students to fulfill their dreams. We have a special 90 days residential preparatory cabin crew program; it’s a workshop for students that help them to brush-up their knowledge, talent, and hidden skills. In this workshop, we keep the students with us for 90 days and work

on their shortcomings. In this 90-day workshop of ours, students will get social, geographical and physics knowledge that helps them to understand the location, speed, distance-related many things. Apart from that, we work on his/her body physique, body language, personality, verbal command, communication, grooming, aviation, interview skills, dressing sense and develop their hobby interest that helps them to grow their confidence level high.

This course is designed by our professionals and experts who have experience of 30 years and more in the aviation field.